Baking Up Some Business!

Pregnancy cakesWe’ve all worked on mature businesses that seemed to have “nowhere left to go.” Well, not if you cook up a little imagination!” (Which is exactly what these guys did.)

So how clever is this — local Edina, MN bakery in cahoots with local obstetricians to deliver the “big news” about an impending baby’s sex! Here’s how it works: Your doctor runs the  test, but sends the results in a sealed envelope to this way-creative, how-else-can-I-grow-my-business bakery, Queen of Cakes. They then bake the blue or pink cake — covering it in “I’m not telling” icing and deliver (no pun intended) to the expectant dessert lovers. Gotta love the creativity! Gotta love the “hmmm, what other niche could I own?” smarts!

GWH W*T*F* (Winners, Toss-Uops, or Flops) Award: WINNER! for showing that a simple, simple idea can really cut it. (Would love to have seen the cake for Octomom!  Cupcakes maybe?)

Photo courtesy of Food Network magazine, May 2011

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