Drunk Monkeys Chart Map of Australia

Short, simple, and just plain good.

Google hired a firm called Three Drunk Monkeys (who wouldn’t assume they were creative?!) to create an online “map” of Australia through a campaign called “Map My Summer.” Given the country’s diversity (like any brand you know?), the idea was to use the YouTube effort to spur people to submit videos to showcase the great places and faces of Australia during the summer. It came complete with the requisite Oprah donation to a philanthropic Australian project and an American Express sponsorship.

Parts of it could have been more intuitive to those not from “Down Under” (like the map), a large group of folks who just might be users of the information (duh), but the essence of the effort is pretty cool.

So, now that the contest is over, including an extended deadline, (don’t those always make you think the idea was sooooo popular?), the producers only have 8 weeks to pull it all together before its launch in June 2011 at the Sydney Film Festival, with a nationwide broadcast to follow on YouTube.

Don’t know which I love more — the simplicity and, what I believe will be the ultimate impact and extendability of the campaign, or the name of the agency who created it! Jealously is the sincerest form of flattery!

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