Big Brother is Watching…You Shop

InStore Reaction ObservationFocus groups let us talk to consumers in a controlled setting. Intercepts allow us to get consumer input right where the buying decision is being made. But wouldn’t it be great to be a “fly on the wall” in the local store, and actually observe how our customers shop the store, interact with our products, and engage with our communications? Well that day has arrived!

A few companies are working with retailers to test out new technology that not only watches consumers’ in-store movements with ceiling cameras, but also overlays video analytic software to give it meaning. For example, VideoMining Corp. has very cool technology that can gauge demographics (gender and age) while tracking their traffic patterns, dwell-time in front of shelves, and whether the consumer makes a purchase. Think of the potential learning that both manufacturers and retailers can benefit from a 120 grocery store test they’re planning in August, like:
– How did our packaging redesign impact consumer interest and purchase?
– Did that secondary display location increase my sales?
– Did my POS get consumers to stop, read, and ultimately buy?

The potential insights are endless. How exciting to hear about a technology with real applications to the Marketing industry. This is one to watch!

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