The ‘Audace’ of Those French!

AirFrance SamplingChallenge: how to convince the pre-flight-buying public that airline food doesn’t have to suck, and specifically that your doesn’t. Solution: (HINT- you won’t find it on any airplane.)

And so lives another great example of using the hot hot ‘food truck’ craze to a brand’s advantage. Kudos to Air France (for more reasons than being the airline that takes me to my beloved Cote d’Azur!) Check out their recent ‘Taste the Journey’ sampling program (and BOY do I mean sampling!)

They sent a food truck around NYC to sample entire gourmet meals created by Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon (!) that spanned breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Program included the requisite relevant sponsor (CondeNast TRAVELER magazine), charity donation (City Harvest) and sweeps to win Air France tix. Of course, Facebook and Twitter reported on the locales. Nothing really “out there”, except the “audace” to put such a vehicle into play.

“How many people could it possibly reach?”, “But it was only for 5 days.”, “So much money just for one city!”… I’ve heard it all. Guess what? I wasn’t IN NYC during March. I never sampled Monsieur Robuchon’s delicacies. But I DO now believe that Air France must serve awesome food to have had this confidence (though I knew it before). But THAT’S the power of this kind of marketing and this kind of smarts (and “audace”).

Stats say they served over 3,000 meals in just 5 days. Reality is they convinced a whole lot more people than that of the quality of their food for long distance travel. Now that’s a new kind of sampling program — get a taste of the brand’s claim even if you never tasted the food. “Félicitations!, Air France!”

Photo courtesy of Springwise Newsletter

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