Lunch-Stealing Bullies…Bug Off!

Okay, I’m in this crazy business of marketing and I’m a mom and this silly product cracked me up. I still pack my kids lunch (even though they are high-schoolers) because I know that at least they’re getting a healthy lunch vs. the “stuff “ they serve in the cafeterias these days. Plus, I’m always trying to think of something to throw into their bags just to let them know I’m thinking of them (or watching their every move, your pick).

So enter “Lunch Bugs Anti-Theft Sandwich Bags.” A product created based on the belief that nobody would want to steal a sandwich that looks like it has a big disgusting bug mushed into it – of course on the flip-side, with kids these days, you have to consider that would-be lunch thieves may think the exact opposite!  If you are cool with that, then these sandwich bags may be for you.

Is this a winner or flop? I don’t know, but I just spent $6.00 for 24 plastic baggies that might actually make my kids laugh and let them know that their evil mother still loves them.

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