Is your BFF hangin’ with a say What?

Festis, a Swedish still beverage owned by Carlsberg, has just upped their latest campaign with a gum smacking woman in the sewer who promises new relationships and “hook ups” for their BFF’s via their new facebook and television advertising campaign, a sequel to their “Unbore Anything” campaign.

Festis uses a combination of traditional, social and interactive media. What remains true to the brand image is the wacky, fun branding–from the product’s vibrant colors to their Twitter campaign. Targeted to teens and the younger adult (and obviously single) crowd, the campaign plays on social media’s strengths by allowing friends of friends to interact with one another in an attempt to create stronger personal relationships. But is it in good taste?

It is always interesting to see the cultural dynamics of advertising from one country to the next.  While I’m no prude, I found the word “douche bag” and the promise of a successful “hook up” copy to be offensive. Admittedly, I am not in their target audience but I have daughters who would qualify and I still cringe at this. Hmmm…I did notice that the facebook fan page has less than 150 fans so maybe I’m not alone. What do you think?

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