Good As Gold?

Just had a chicken burrito from the local Chipotle. Yum. Glad they moved into Darien. I noticed they were wrapping the take out orders in gold foil, but didn’t see much about a promotion until I noticed a banner ad later in the day.

The Wrap What You Love promotion looks pretty cute. You wrap something in foil (anything from a banana to a car), take a picture, submit and enter to win. Grand Prize: $10,000, Weekly Prizes of 24K Gold Pieces. Comedienne Amy Sedaris is there to give you helpful tips on wrapping (and not to worry, you can “goldify” your photo online).

There are also other weekly prizes for voting online and a charity element for a Family Farming organization. I like the promotion, love the graphics. Hate to say it, I think my burrito was cold when I got back to the office. Great promotion, lousy foil –not quite good as gold.

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