Mirror, Mirror…Gone too far?

New fashion appHmmm. Really, really torn on this one. Check this out (no pun intended): Go Try It On is a new site/app that lets you get feedback on what you plan to wear before you head out into the big, bad, judgmental world. You can ask just your friends, or everyone out there.

Stats claim 80,000 unique visitors per month, 30% of which are from outside the U.S. More than 250,000 have downloaded the iPhone app, about half of which are active users. And that’s in just about 1 year since start-up. Clearly people see the need…

Brilliant? Sure. Really plays to a human need for fashion feedback. But OMG does it make me cringe when I think of how bad it could make fragile egos feel if they didn’t look “right.” Don’t we make it hard enough on young people (heck anyone) to fit in and live up to the standards set by a ridiculously UN-real-life fashion industry? Now you can ask the world whether or not they like how you look.

I guess like everything- in the right hands, helpful. (Like when you are alone in that dressing room with no BFF to tell you if your butt looks big). In the wrong hands, dreadful and just another way to stereotype and make young girls especially feel bad about their bodies.

W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up, Flop) call out… I gotta go ‘Toss Up’ on this one. Scares me.

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