Perfect Pairs

Digiorno ComboCPG Marketing has seen tie-ins, partnerships, and joint offers for decades. But 2 recent “marriages” caught my eye, not because they are so “out of the box”, but because of the exact opposite — the obvious, intuitive, just-plain common sense they make. (How many have lost sight of this today?)

The idea? After buying DiGiorno from Kraft, Nestle came out with an oh-so-logical combo pack of the pizza plus its Nestle Toll House Cookies . Though it’s gotten some criticism for it’s calorie content, for its target audience, it’s a perfect combination that plays to existing behavior. What could be more logical than getting the two in the same package?

Father's Day comboThe other one that REALLY makes sense is the Father’s Day special- pack partnering Michelob Ultra beer and Bridgestone golf balls. The “Golfer’s Ultimate 6-Pack” contains 5 cans of beer and a 3-ball sleeve of golf balls — brilliant! Playing golf and drinking beer is the perfect Father’s Day combination. Everybody wins – Michelob gets significant perceived added value, and Bridgestone gets to sample its product to 500,000 golfers.

Hopefully these offers will be successful and other manufacturers will use this strategy to bring their consumers more added value. When the consumer wins, the brands win! What’s not to like?

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