Fan Fever Now A Full Time Job…Home Run for the Team!

Back in late February with Opening Day just 8 weeks away the Cubs longtime PA announcer decided to take another job elsewhere. Rather than quickly scrambling to hire a “professional,” the Cubs turned to one of their biggest assets, their fans, and invited them to audition for the role.

Through a partnership with applicants were invited to submit their video audition and application. The three-week search garnered 2,954 applicants from 48 states and Canada.

The winner, and new PA announcer for the Chicago Cubs is Andrew Belleson, a 24 year old from the suburbs of Chicago. I am pretty sure Andrew’s new gig is much better than working at his family’s hot dog stand in Naperville!

Anyone who knows the Cubs knows that the fans are just as important to the Cubs experience as is Wrigley Field and of course the players, well, sometimes that is. What a total home run this contest was for the Cubs, it was a great way to connect to the fans and the broader community and give them a chance to be part of the Cubs legend. Let’s hope this is just one of many home runs for the the Cubs this season.

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