Pinstripe Passion

Jeter and FordBeing a Yankee fan since they stunk in the 60’s, a recent Ford promotion caught my eye.  The Tri-State Ford Dealers Association (TSFDA) is giving away a single Yankees Edition Ford Explorer in their 3rd annual program leveraging their sponsorship of the Yankees.  Not only do you win the car, you get the keys at an on-field ceremony at a Yankee game!

The TV commercial , which has been in heavy rotation on sports programming in the tri-state area, shows fanatic Yankee fans (isn’t everyone?) who have “pinstriped” their pools, homes and their lives! And the crowning touch — that Derek Jeter, Ford’s busy spokesman in the tri-state, introduces the sweepstakes.

Good effort by Ford, but probably could have done a better job with Social Media, as TSFDA’s promotional Facebook page only has 600+ ‘Likes’ to date and not much engagement. But given the passion of the average Yankees fan, it will hopefully still generate a lot of entries and interest in the Explorer (which they sure do need, given the current price of gas!)

Personally, I look forward to hearing from them soon, so I can arrange to pick up my keys from my buddy Derek at the June game in the Bronx!

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