Disgustingly Delicious.

Foodies is a term to describe those with discerning culinary appetites. In fact, Packaged Facts notes: “Foodies enjoy the thrill of the hunt and being the first to catch on to new food trends and food outlets considered ‘authentic’ carrying the most prestige in the foodie world.”

It appears that one such culinary trend these days among daring  foodies is shelling out big bucks to sample food delicacies that are considered trendy to them but to others may be considered on the verge of ‘gross and repugnant’.

A classic example is the world’s most expensive kind of coffee, in which the beans are gathered from the droppings of an Indonesian jungle cat, which digests the outer pulp and passes the beans in its feces, supposedly eliminating much of the bitterness present in most coffees and creating a highly appealing flavor. Sure.

Or at $40 a pound, you can sample escamoles, the larvae of black ants collected from colonies harvested from the roots of the agave plant in Mexico. Supposedly, their taste varies according to preparation but has been described as being similar to corn—and is often eaten with guacamole or in tacos. Think Taco Bell is watching this trend yet?

Clearly, those who market these delicacies have no worries of parity with their truly one-of–a-kind taste claims. As one coffee barista touted, “The fact the coffee includes a bean ingested by Indonesian civet cats gives them an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else in the world.

For those trend setting Foodies, the thrill of the hunt and one-of-a-kind, authentic experience may be exciting but elusive, as I don’t think escamoles will be found in local grocery stores any time soon. Bon appetit!

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