It’s the little things…

I love simple, creative ideas and this one does it for me.

Check out the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch , a simple, sturdy, metal punch that can take any piece of sheet plastic (like an old expired ATM card, gift card, itunes cards, butter  tubs, etc.) and recycle them into guitar picks .

OK, it’s not a cure for cancer. I don’t even know if there is a huge market for guitar picks (!) But I have one (a need that is.) Having a son who loves to play guitar… and being a mom who finds those guitar picks throughout my laundry, couch cushions, kitchen cupboards and bathroom floors on an ongoing basis, it makes me very willing to spend the $20.00 to order one of these contraptions. Not only do I save the time and effort of buying replacements for the little culprits, but I get to do my little part when it comes to recycling.

Conculsion: Hey, maybe marketers don’t always have to “cure cancer.” Maybe if they simply meet a need that real people have, it’s quite wonderful. Sometimes it’s the littlest idea that can be the biggest winner. I think this is a winner.

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