Bringing back the “good old days.”

Retro Pkg

Maybe it’s the popularity of “Mad Men”, or it could be the seemingly insatiable appetite of Boomers for things that remind them of their childhood. Whatever the reason, Procter & Gamble is releasing “retro-themed” packages of Tide, Downy and Bounce laundry products for a limited time (at Target stores beginning May 22 through June 10).

Tide dates back to 1946. Downy was introduced in 1960 and Bounce in 1972. For some reason, the original Downy bottle strikes me as the most familiar. No doubt my mother had a bottle of that in our laundry room throughout the 60s. Personally, I love retro. Coming across something ┬áthat I haven’t seen in 40 years makes me smile. I know that girl on the Downy bottle, peeking out from under her towel.

If I was picking up fabric softener, that is the bottle I would grab, even if my wife had a coupon for something else. I’ve noticed retro cereal boxes on the shelf recently, and probably would pick one of them up too, if I still ate cereal. If they threw in a free retro prize inside, I’d buy it even if I didn’t want to eat it. I say “Bravo” to retro packages. As much as I’m a fan of cool, contemporary package design, nothing makes me smile like seeing an old familiar friend. Even if they’re only around for a limited time.

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