Wanna Hook Up?

SkoutFor those looking for the perfect mate, you no longer have to search high and low while out for a night on the town. Now there is an app for that! Thanks to the power of a smart phone and location based services, you can locate potential dating material right in your immediate vicinity, in real-time.

Skout makes traditional online dating seem so *last year*. With Skout, just download the app/register and you will have access to pictures and profiles of guys and gals around you, more importantly, guys and gals who are also interested in meeting that *someone special*. See a picture and profile of someone that interests you? Send them a flirty message and arrange to meet them right then and there. How easy is that?

Of course Skout can only do so much. It is still up to you to provide the funny, interesting, and witty conversation once you meet in person!

It seems like half the battle in dating is figuring out where you can find a prospective date. Skout makes it possible to meet someone virtually anywhere you are, so I would say this has the makings of a W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award Winner!

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