Marketing for Memory Loss

Delta Travel AppMaybe it’s because the nation (read: ME) is aging, but I just love seeing how companies find ways to delight customers in the most unexpected, yet ultimately super helpful ways. Two very similar *features* popped up in my life recently for two totally different companies, but both solving the same issue: “Where did I park my car?”

At Mohegan Sun, a Connecticut hotel and casino, they provide simple tokens at the parking garage that, like Glenda The Good Witch, will point you back in the right direction to your car after a night of *frivolity.* (Kinda like a Gift Before Purchase!) Similarly, Delta Airlines offers an app that not only does the basics like confirming that your plane is on time, checks you in, etc., but lets you take a picture of where you parked your car from a satellite tracking service and leave yourself a reminder note! No more wandering around the wrong parking lot/garage, wrong floor, wrong elevator bank!

Now these may seem like a big nothing to some folks. But I see them both as little ways that a company went out of their way to make my experience smoother, to think ahead for me to alleviate potential stress. I think they walked in my steps every inch of the way and understood how I experienced their *product,* as a real person, not a statistic at a cash register.  And as that real person, I really like that. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. And most of all, memorable!

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