A Tale Of Two Cans

I like beer. I like it cold. And in the summer I like it as cold as humanly possible. Though my personal preference has long been for Heineken in a can, I’ll drink almost any beer after a long, hot summer day. As long as it’s really, really cold.

So I was a little intrigued seeing a Coors commercial last night featuring their new “2 Stage Cold Activation” cans. Apparently a bar turns blue when it’s really, really cold, though no one will tell me what that temperature is supposed to be (to me, it’s about 32 degrees). Alright, I don’t usually drink Coors, but color me interested.

Today, I see a banner ad from Heineken that seems to address the very same issue. Touting their own new can design with the copy “There are ten different ways to tell if this can is cold. They’re called your fingers.” I think they’ve won me back already. I already like the beer, and now I feel like I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t need some gimmick to tell me when my beer is cold. How refreshing!

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