Pong for Fries

Mc PongGive it up to McDonald’s in Sweden for coming up with a fun way to link old technology with new, to give away free food to their target, and entertain the masses at the same time.

Called Pick n’ Play, people can use their mobile phone to play a game of Pong on a large video billboard (think Times Square) . When you visit the web site with your mobile phone, the phone’s locator system detects when you‘re near the billboard. When it’s your turn to play, it allows you to control the panels on the screen with your phone in real time to play a game of Pong against the computer. If you keep the ball in play for 30 seconds, you win a digital coupon for a free McDonald’s item that can be “redeemed” at the local restaurant with your phone.

What’s great about this idea is not only do the participants get to experience the game, and hopefully win free stuff, but also it provides entertainment value to anyone nearby. And the McDonald’s branding on the screen gets a boost by people stopping to watch and see how others are doing.

Again, a simple idea that delivers some good, old fashioned fun, using a great combination of old and new. Talk about McSmart!

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