A Pick-Me-Up Snack For You… and Your Car

Electric Car VendingI’m thinking about getting an electric car. But still not totally sold on the idea because of worry about where I would actually charge it up if I wanted to drive any distance. However, the Japanese have a new idea that may help solve that dilemma…

Vending machines are really popular in Japan. So much so, that a group of vending machine owners have joined together and plan on installing electric charger ports at over 10,000 vending machine sites by the end of the year.

What a great marketing opportunity! People waiting patiently for their vehicle to charge, sure do have time on their hands… time to check out what’s in, on, or around that vending machine they’re plugged into. Plus, “plugging into” a known location will certainly help give peace of mind to all of the drivers who worry about going the distance.

Not so sure I would want to see our cities and towns here in the U.S.  filled up with more ugly vending machines,  but, hopefully down the road, they can install charging ports into existing vending machines that are already in place in so many gas stations.

Winner, Toss-up, Flop? You can decide, but right now I’m voting for Toss up.

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