Down Time No More.

So what do you do in your down time?

If you are like many of us –there is no more down time. Down time used to be a time to relax, unwind and give your brain a chance to think. With our crazy, jammed packed schedules today, we are losing this precious time. And with mobile phones, wireless, internet and social media almost ubiquitous and ready at our fingertips–it is hard to unplug.

In a recent study from iPass, it was noted that downtime is now being consumed as the time to check your smart phone, blackberry, or other mobile device. 91 percent of mobile users use their personal downtime to check their smartphones. Nearly 30 percent check their smartphone every six-to-12 minutes during downtime. While the percentage varies by age with younger consumers more obsessed with continually checking their smart phone and older consumers more intermittingly checking, it does boil down to down time equals time to check-in either for messages, sending emails, or checking your facebook status and twitter accounts. This is our new down time reality.


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