FEDERAL WARNING: Tight pants make you look fat.

too much control in gvtIn honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday celebrating our freedom, this couldn’t be more appropriate.

Things are out of control. Case in point, the new photo mandates on cigarette packaging: it is simply appalling to me.

Marketing is a profession that provides information about things people want to buy and things that people want to sell, in a compelling way.

We are not evil sorcerers or criminals (at least not most of us). So why does our government take over our profession in a way that feels… so UnAmerican?

Now truth be told, I am no fan of smoking. Grew up in a home of smokers and can’t stand it. Nondisclosure of product dangers is also a despicable thing.  But to go to the lengths that are being gone to now, feels equally wrong. Warnings on-pack deterred, but still people preferred to smoke. Sky-high taxes deterred, but still people preferred to smoke. Control around advertising deterred, but still people preferred to smoke. Hey Washington, get the hint? (It’s like a child who will stop at nothing to get it their way.)

So where does it go from here? Are we not all grown-ups who have a free will? Does garlic in the grocery store now need a sign showing everyone running away from you because of bad breath? Should alcohol have hang tags that show how much of an idiot you were at the last party? I have to wonder, where does it end…?

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