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BMW CanadaI don’t usually like to pay much attention to ads from other countries. The ads themselves are often more clever than ours, the products aren’t available here anyway, or they’re for a candy bar that looks suspiciously like one of ours but has a different name so that confuses me.

But I ran across this ad for BMW Canada, and I thought it was too cool not to share. The 1 Series M coupe is available in the states but I think this ad is specific to Canada. This ad was done by the Cundari agency andĀ filmed by Banditos Brothers (who shot the recent Hot Wheels Ramp Jump at the Indy 500). With no voice-over but the sound of it’s 332 hp in-line 6 engine, the ad (whether it involves some digital trickery or not) has me convinced that this is a vehicle with fairly decent handling.

I’ve always thought that car ads that showed their vehicles sliding across the pavement were showing a car that was out of control. This ad seems to avoid that message, because I think this is just what the driver intended to do. Way cool.

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