So, did you hear the new magazine ad?

Plug & Play AdWOW! Here’s a new one… interactive audio “plug and play” print ads!

In Brazil, they came up with the idea of embedding an audio message on the cover of Playboy magazine to promote a big music festival. A mini-chip gets inserted in the cover and users can listen to the audio message (whispered by a young woman, of course. It’s Brazil!) simply by plugging in a headset into the jack and pushing play.

Think of all the people walking around wearing mp3 players with headsets.  I can imagine mini chip audios talking about… easy and delicious recipes embedded in women’s health & fitness magazines, audio chips in medical journals in waiting rooms, samples of a new book you can buy for your Kindle … This is a definite W.T.F. Award Winner because the advertising ideas are endless… (OK, likely pretty pricey right now, but since when does that deter creativity!)

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