Raising the Bar.

Guess who is turning 35? Yup, it is hard to believe that the first Universal Product CodeĀ (UPC) appeared on packs of Wrigley’s gum in a Marsh Supermarket in Ohio on June 26, 1974. Since then, the barcode has earned its place on everything that is manufactured these days. Today, bar codes are scanned more than 10 billion times a day around the world.

The Universal Product Code uses 30 black and 29 white lines to convey 95 bits of data in binary code. The 12 digits give an address to look up the information. Who would have thought that those mundane looking black and white bars would hold so much data –everything from tracking packages to an airline ticket.

35 years later, the UPC system is still going strong, raising the bar for all products. Happy Birthday!


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