Need to Reach Moms? She’s gone mobile.

Are you a Mom or an advertiser looking to reach Moms?

Moms today live and sleep with their smart phone according to a new study tracking 5,000 consumers by BabyCenter. In fact, smart phone usage has risen +64% within the past 2 years and 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone.

“The majority of moms sleep with their cell phone next to their bed and more than half check their phone first thing in the morning and last thing before they go to sleep. You can’t say that about any other medium,” said Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter.

With Moms, smart phones outpace any other media used.  37% of her daily media time is devoted to her smartphone, which is double that spent on TV, and more time spent than with any other media, including radio, magazines, and newspapers. It is no wonder why she reacts best to mobile advertising with nearly half (46%) of moms reported taking action after seeing an ad on their smartphone.

And, 62% are using shopping apps—checking out coupons, savings and directions to their favorite retailers.

Looking to reach Moms? She’s gone mobile.

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