Bar Etiquette.

QR programs are all about increasing consumer engagement. As such, there are some “rules of the road” for successful QR programs:

  • Provide added value—QR codes lend an air of excitement. Consumers are expecting something that is not available elsewhere, is worthwhile and even somewhat surprising— ie: a special mobile website with rich media and contextual relevance such as exclusive content, interesting demos and/or added incentives. The QR experience should add value to the user and to your brand.
  • Make it mobile—Make sure to use a mobile-enabled and optimized site. Do not just re-direct to your website and/or link to a non-mobile-optimized site; do not link to any pages containing Flash or other slow-to-load programs. You must connect with the user on their terms within the communication channel they choose and respect the needs of that medium.
  • Make it fast—Speed is of the essence. If you are showing a video/testimonial and/or demo, think well under 2 minutes and that includes loading time.
  • Provide a compelling call-to-action and clearly communicate it Make the offer worth the effort and clearly communicate it (e.g. “Scan to Win”) near the QR code so your audience immediately knows why they should bother scanning your code.
  • Brand your QR code design—use every opportunity to own the user experience, while still adhering to the Best Practices for functionality.
  • Test, Measure, Improve—This technology affords ongoing opportunities to test, learn and continuously improve.  Such as: initial tests to ensure the bar code works as planned and to adjust, communication test to see which messaging and/or landing page drives the best results (with A/B splits.) Importantly, can measure and track responses, i.e.: measuring the number of times people “snap” the code, tracking where they go after they hit the landing page and to determine what they do after they have viewed a video, etc.

QR codes are a relatively new and exciting way to raise the bar for consumer engagement. A little bar etiquette will make your program even more effective.

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