Shazam me to Tahiti

Shazam AdOK, usually I tend to lean toward the ‘when is enough is enough’ side of technology taking over living. But this one is just pretty exciting to me, when I think of the amazing things that could be done!

Shazam, the same technology that lets you ID music on the radio, just got BEAUCOUP BUCKS to go big ID’ing audio on TV! Just like QR codes track visuals, they track audio, now funded to really expand their added value to networks and advertisers on TV. Now how cool is that?

One of the earliest examples was the 2010 Dockers ‘Wear No Pants’ Superbowl ad, that linked to a mobile site and khaki pants giveaway. But now it seems Shazam is getting funded to make sure the “march” to connect with viewers continues beyond these men in briefs.

I am sure just like with the barrage of QR uses, there will be those who use it for silliness. But can you imagine, for instance,  Shazam’ing a spot and being able to buy the outfit a favorite celebrity is wearing? Think of what it could do for the Food Channel or Wedding Shows!  How about instantly winning an opportunity to be whisked off to a Travel Channel destination you are watching… or even just planning a trip there? Buying music you hear in a movie or show instantly?

Oh yeah. This gets a GWH W.T.F.* (Winners, Toss-Ups or Flops) Award classification : WINNER. So excited to see where it all goes. Even more excited to be someone who helps it go there. Anyone interested in going there with me??

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