The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Cranberry Juice.

Now, human billboards as a form of advertising go way back to one of the first original forms of advertising, and as so is nothing new, but this new twist caught my eye.

Ocean Spray has developed a city summer tour mobile program that incorporates an army of reps wearing tee shirts with QR codes on the back that consumers snap and get a free beverage recipe using Ocean Spray and a photograph of the product.

While I admire the ingenuity of the twist on the human billboard using QR codes, the pay off is not exactly exciting or rewarding enough for the effort. Couple that with Ocean Spray says that this campaign is targeted towards teens. A beverage recipe for teens? I know my teens would not be thrilled to snap only to discover that they get a recipe even if it is a smoothie, their favorite. A free tee shirt, a free beverage coupon maybe, but not a recipe—so ho hum for teens.

Add to that again, the level of  teenage smart phone usage — while on the rise and currently at 17%, may not be at strong enough penetration levels to warrant this type of campaign. If teens are your target market there are more cost effective mediums to reach them at much higher penetration levels.

So mixed reviews for this effort in our Winners Toss-up & Flops Awards. A plus for the QR twist, but a minus for the payout… and another minus for trying to effectively target teens in this manner. But a big plus for their facebook fan page reaching close to 450K fans which is a great teen medium.

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