Another thing you can’t do, if you don’t have an iPhone…

iPhine AirplayWell, I DO have an iPhone. What I don’t have is any idea how to see any of the wonderful photos or videos I’ve shot on it anywhere but on the phone itself. That is, until I saw a new TV spot last night.

Now I’ll admit, while I would describe myself as a Mac fan (and a fairly tech-savvy one at that), I am also as lazy as most consumers when it comes to reading instructions. With most Apple products, I operate under the assumption that they are so intuitive that they will whisper their operating manual to me while I sleep. Or something like that. Hey, what do I know? I didn’t read the manual.

Anyway, the new spot tells me there is something on my phone called “Airplay”. I couldn’t find it on my phone, so I went to the website. Apparently, if I had an Apple TV Device hooked up to my wireless network, it would know that I had an iPhone and my phone could now send movies and photos to my TV. Sounds cool, I am going to try that.

Yes, these guys are geniuses. I’m absolutely thinking of spending $100 to watch movies of my dogs on my TV.

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