Hail to the V?

Summer’s Eve, the feminine deodorant, is getting some heat from their latest video commercials which some consumers are calling “racist” and worse, at least according to the You Tube commentary.

There are three different spots all featuring a “talking hand” which discusses the “v-land wonder down under”. But the kick is that the 3 spots each feature a different ethnic voice–an African-American hand, called “Lady Wowza” who suggests freshening before heading out to a night club, a Latina hand entitled “Leopard Thong” who speaks Spanish at the end, and a Caucasian hand named “BFF.” The stereo-typing is what appears to be most upsetting to consumers but add that to what some are calling crass commentary such as “a little vertical smile love goes a long way”,  these ads are fueling a controversy within what was previously a very docile category.

Summer’s Eve is aiming to jazz up their brand image with these ads but instead are turning consumers off. What do you think? V for Victorious or V for Very Bad?

Update on this post: Summer’s Eve just announced that they are pulling their talking “V” ads as the controversy is overshadowing the message. Guess the vote was V for Very Bad after all.

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