Had to Google Google.

I’ve been listening to a commercial on a local radio station for “A Google a Day”, a new trivia question game from Google.

But after giving it a try, I was quite underwhelmed. Here’s why: they pose a question- of-the-day, then they ask if you’d like to guess. (Personally I prefer to guess outright, rather than Googling the answer, because for me, that takes away the challenge.) But for curiosity’s sake, I tried Google Search with the hopes of getting a few “good” result links. Instead I found 511 results I had to weed through — no different than what 95% of the planet finds with a standard web search.

For the mere fact that they invested heavily in this radio spot for the last two months, I expected them to offer more value —like introduce me to new Google search tips, ones that would easily explain new search techniques or features. Likewise, there were no prizes or incentives to do what they wanted me to do, either, like Microsoft’s Club Bing has provided in the past.

The only reason I did eventually learn a few things was because of my personal desire to find out just how much effort was required for me to find new search tools.

To my surprise, there actually were some cool features. But I only discovered them by actually Googling “A Google a Day”, then finding a link on a third party site. This did lead me to a tool like Google Voice Search, but then that required me to install new Google Chrome, for which I needed to completely revamp my main web page  to operate it properly—yet another not-so-simple feature.

So for my GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) rating: I give it a huge flop because of the many lost opportunities to educate new and current Googlers in a user-friendly manner. Call me “simple”, but that’s the last word I’d use to describe Google after this!

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