Poof! Get South Park’s Cheesy Poofs Before They are Gone.

Apparently, the main heros of a popular and hysterically twisted animated show called “South Park” LOVE their fictional snack – the Cheesy Poofs.

So, to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary, Comedy Central joined Frito-Lay to create an actual snack with the same name and is launching 1.5 million limited edition packages.

Cheesy Poofs will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart for $2.99 a bag and, I predict, will become an instant collectible and a status symbol amongst the show’s millions of fans. Those not willing to ante up the $2.99 for a 2 3/8-ounce bag of Cheesy Poofs, can get a free bag at Comic-Con this year. The snack will be part of an exhibit entitled the Ultimate “South Park” Fan Experience which will include a replica of the school cafeteria from the show. This is all part of  the “Year of the Fan” promotional campaign designed to celebrate the show.

Wonder what will be next for the creators of South Park… a real life replica of the town populated with similarly-wacky characters? Stay tuned.


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