Got PMS? Whooops.

Got Milke for PMSWe all know that talking about politics and religion are off limits when it comes to topics you can safely discuss, and now, it appears that you can add PMS to that list. The California Milk Processors Board had to pull the plug on their recent campaign that positioned milk as a cure-all for PMS. The science that backed up the campaign wasn’t so much the issue; rather, the campaign itself was the issue.

The “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign featured beleaguered husbands and boyfriends reduced to rubble by their hormonal PMS-ing significant others. All these poor men could do was accept full blame for anything and everything with apologetic headlines like “I’m sorry for the thing, or things, I did or didn’t do” and “I apologize for letting you misinterpret what I was saying.” The website, had a plethora of tricks and tools to help men navigate the choppy waters of PMS, complete with the Emergency Milk Locator map, a Video Apology Enhancer, and the Puppy Dog-Eye-Zer.

As you can imagine, this campaign caused quite a stir with complaints of sexism and sophomoric humor, and it was quickly pulled down and redirected to The new site not only provides a forum to discuss the science behind dairy curbing symptoms of PMS, but it also serves up an apology for any offense the campaign caused, accompanied by a sampling of some of the negative press the campaign received.

I am not crazy enough to weigh in on the legitimacy of the initial campaign. But what I can weigh in on is how refreshing it is to see the quick and honest response of the California Milk Board. No doubt, they pissed some people off with their campaign, but they acknowledged it, accepted responsibility, apologized, and moved on. And in the end, they got a lot of people paying attention to them and their campaign. A definite GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award Winner. (We like honesty and being direct. Go figure. But we also like being clever.)

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