Brand v Brand Manager Tug of War: Brand Loses

Bad Branding and communicationHere we go again with another big lesson in “less is more.” Spending way too much time with our own clients trying to espouse this “theory,” guess I should use that “picture” and the “1,000 words” thing for real.

While trying to shop the wildly crowded and over-segmented cereal aisle, this box caught my eye ONLY because it flabbergasted me as a marketer. OMG what a disaster, and onĀ  more fronts than countable. Not only do I not have a clue what is supposed to be important to me, but the clincher is, the brand name buried in this pile of verbal debris, is Silver Palate!

For those of us old enough to remember, this quintessential upscale foodie brand was founded by Sheila Lukins with the start of her gourmet (ahem, that’s gourmet) food shop in NYC. She (and co-author Julee Russo) popularized a richer and very boldly seasoned style of cooking with Americans, in total contrast to the early health-food movements of the 1970s. The Silver Palate brand name meant class. It meant scrumptious. It meant you spent time cooking and were serious about your food. Sheila would sadly turn over in her premature grave if she saw the schlock that her brand has become.

This cereal may taste every bit as good as the Silver Palate name should imply. Don’t know. If I didn’t buy it as a case study on what-not-to-do, it would never have reached my cart. It may still never reach my mouth. Somebody let an over-zealous, can’t-make-up-their-mind-about-what-the-brand-means brand manager with no creative discretion lose in the design studio. What a shame.

GWH W*T*F* (Winner, Toss-up or Flop) Award: big time flop. My apologies, Sheila.

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