Quenching My Thirst

Hilton Garden Inn SwagI like the Hilton Garden Inn hotel chain. It provides good value – nice, consistent accommodations with amenities, all at a reasonable price.  (And they have free cookies at the front desk at night). They pay off their tag line – Everything. Right where you need it.® – in many ways for the majority of business and recreational travelers.

So when the opportunity arose, I recently stayed in another one of their locations in steamy Houston (I don’t recall ever feeling so sweaty at 4:00 A.M…. for no good reason) and experienced a small but excellent perk that got my attention.

Being a Hilton HHonors member, I was handed a small branded HGI bag when I checked in. Inside were a couple of snacks, and 2 FREE BOTTLES OF WATER! How many times have any of us checked into a hotel and immediately bought water? Wow, Hilton is actually thinking of the customer’s overall experience vs. small short term lost revenue. How novel. (Who knows, maybe they have brands donate/provide the items as a sampling opportunity?).

With this kind of customer-needs focus, what’s next? Could I ever hope for free in-room snacks and beverages in that small fridge? Little things go a long way in this world, now don’t they…

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