This just in…Makeup Ads Misleading! (Say it isn’t so)

Retouched Mag AdsA British watchdog group has upheld complaints against L’ Oréal after a member of Parliament claimed they used digital manipulation to mislead consumers. The 2 ads, one for Maybelline featuring someone purported to be Christy Turlington (who looks nothing like her); the other for Lancôme featuring Julia Roberts (as she hasn’t looked since Richard Gere had dark hair), have both been withdrawn from publication.

Obviously, we’ve seen this all before. What used to be called “air-brushing” is now in the hands of highly-skilled digital technicians, and the results of their talents undoubtably cross the line from “fit-for-publication” to “pants-on-fire” once in a while.

Personally I find the over-manipulated makeup ads to be the worst kind of false advertising, as they are showing the consumer, in closeup, something the product will not do. So, “cheers” to the British Advertising Standards Authority. I think it’s necessary to keep even unintentional exageration in check.

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