TTYL? Guess not.

cell phone historyHeadline reads, “Smart Phone Users Prefer Asynchronous Communication” (translation: pretty much anything but talking!) A mouthful, but also a real eye- opener.

Believe it or not, it was only about 15 years ago that cell phones really became popular. Everyone had to have one then… even if it was the size of a brick. It was so cool to be seen driving, talking on the “cell”. The cost of the minutes was so outrageous that sometimes we’d all pick it up and pretend we were talking just to impress the other drivers. Well… those days of talking are over, it appears.

In an informal survey conducted by social communications platform, CloudTalk, the company found that the top five activities Americans engage in most on their smart phones are:

1.    Texting / messaging – more than 7 in 10

2.    Emailing – nearly 6 in 10

3.    Social networking – nearly 50%

4.    Talking on the phone – 43%

5.    Surfing the Web – about 4 in 10

So can you believe that more that half all smart phone users do not use their phones for talking? Whoa. Wild stat. But what does it say about our ability to really communicate? The depth of our connectivity? A technology that initially brought people more into touch with each other… I have to ask,  is it still doing that?

Would Alexander Graham Bell be happy or distraught? Sure does give a new meaning to TTYL.


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