Smart Stick. Take your Blood Pressure and Go for a Walk.

In these days of smart phones, smart cars, smartass teenagers… I loved the idea of this smart walking stick. Now you can take your blood pressure, monitor your pulse AND go for a walk!

I think it’s great it when someone designs an esthetically beautiful product that is functional and helpful to people, especially something for our elderly population. Being a baby boomer with a sick, aging parent, I was happy to come across this walking cane called, ”the Aid,” by Lithuanian designer, Egle Ugintaite.

“This cane acts as an aid to walking and also monitors the users’ pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. As their wrist comes into contact with the sensors, this data is displayed on the LCD screen on the cane’s clasp. Furthermore, the cane comes with a built-in navigator, which provides a help center with the user’s location when the cane’s SOS button is pressed.”

For many elderly people, leaving the house can become a challenge as their health deteriorates.” It’s a great way to help our seniors feel a little more at ease about leaving their home and also gives families and caregivers peace of mind as well.

I give it an A for helpful, functional, and downright smart designing.

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