Pudding Face :).

Having worked on the Jell-O Pudding business in Promotion at General Foods umpteen years ago (I must have at least one Shaker cup in my attic), I’m always curious to read about its marketing programs and how it continues to appeal to consumers after so many years.

Their latest campaign – Pudding Face – combines the longstanding essence of the brand – that it’s a simple, delicious treat that people just love – with a new technology-based execution.

Pudding Face – what you look like when you’ve had/enjoyed some Jell-O Pudding – is a BIG smile that just won’t quit. Ads communicate the basic message , but the new twist involves Twitter and an interactive billboard (I just love those interactive billboards!).

When people tweet their current mood, Jell-O adds up the ☺ and the ☹, and keeps track of the % of each in real time on a billboard in NYC that shows a man’s face. If the % of ☺ tweets is over 50%, his face is shown with a huge “Pudding Face” smile. If not, then he frowns, and it triggers coupon handouts for Jell-O Pudding, so everyone’s mood will improve, and turn into their own Pudding Face. Tweets are also tracked on their web site with the Jell-O Pudding Face Mood Meter.

Nice execution Kraft! It puts a Pudding Face on my face ☺

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