A Match Made in… Only A Marketer’s Mind

Glamour and Krispy KremeOK, I get borrowed interest. I get rub-off effect. But this one’s just silly.

Glamour magazine and Krispy Kreme donuts? Apparently so in the UK.

Yup, “specialty” donuts to be sold at Tesco with strawberry and orange “Glamour glaze” on them, timed to arrive when their version of Fashion Week hits. Reported to be about 340 calories each.

So, while I am a longstanding critic of the fashion industry’s warped fascination with waif thin, anorexic-looking models and the detrimental effect it has on female self-esteem, I just don’t get how partnering with a heart-attack-with-icing is the way to go. Maybe the average Shopping Suzy may feel that the new donut is oo-la-la special because of the Glamour co-brand, so may bite. But how is Glamour not going way far in the opposite (bad) direction by associating its brand with a greasy donut — no matter how good they supposedly are. (Nope, never had one.)

I give this one a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award designation of FLOP. Creative partnerships are one thing. This, to me, is just doesn’t make good sense.

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