Now That’s A Reason to Give

Ben Stiller Foundation Even in the current difficult economic times, people continue to be generous with their charitable giving to deserving organizations. In fact, consumers still say they will purchase a brand because of its charitable efforts more than for other factors

But there are SO MANY choices, so how does someone to decide which charity(s) to support? I guess some pick ones with a personal connection (e.g. sick relatives), while others might get involved when there’s a topical crisis (e.g. Japanese tsunami). And we’ve all seen causes successfully get support by having a celebrity involved. From Jerry Lewis and his longstanding work for Muscular Dystrophy to Harry Chapin and WHYHunger , this approach has literally worked miracles for years. But sometimes even celebrity involvement isn’t even enough to break through the clutter and compel real people to act. So how to break through?

Well, Ben Stiller for one, is trying a new approach — one which many may criticize, but interestingly one that actually may get people to pay attention and support his Stiller Foundation, a foundation that supports, among other causes, building schools for the poor around the world. Ben came up with a tongue-in-cheek video, and with the help of one of his Hollywood friends, an attention getting web address, ,  that takes you directly to his Foundation’s Facebook page.

I think it is a creative and funny way to get people involved in a serious cause. Hopefully it will work to generate real strong support!

Photo courtesy of StillerStrong

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