Do Good Food.

These days it seems like every company under the sun has latched on to some sort of cause marketing be it Susan G. Koman, Feeding America or LiveStrong.  Most of these efforts require some sort of consumer action (purchase) to trigger the donation to the cause. It really seems the rarity when a corporation actually makes a pure or straight donation to a cause that has not been facilitated by consumer action (purchase) so that is why I am so happy to see PepsiCo’s “Food For Good” campaign.

Five days a week during the summer months the Food For Good trucks bring breakfast and lunch to disadvantaged kids in the Chicago and Dallas markets.  The trucks make nearly 200 stops a day and they are expected to handout over 400,000 meals this summer. With over 20 million kids getting free meals at school during the school year there is a huge void to fill in the summer months when these kids don’t have access to free or discounted meals at school.

While some might be tempted to say there are ulterior motives behind PepsiCo’s program, such as trying to build brand loyalty, I say so what? The Food For Good program gets nutritious meals to the kids who need it the most and that is what is most important, making sure no kid goes hungry.

A definite WTF (Winner. Toss-Up. Flop)  do good Winner in my book.

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