A Pedal-Pushing Promo

Activate PromoOK, now this is a call-to-action!  Fitness-oriented brand, Activate®, a California-based beverage company (but of course), came up with a very cool promotion for their vending machines. They are giving away free drinks to people who jump on the attached bicycle and spend 30 seconds pedaling.

Activate is a vitamin water that’s unique because they store their vitamins in a separate patented cap, away from the water, until they are activated by twisting the cap and releasing them into the water.  They claim, “The vitamins stay fresh, potent and offer a convenient way to get a healthy dose of the nutrients your body needs.” Sounds plausible.

And, along with giving away free drinks, the company has also partnered with “Nourish America” and will donate a portion of the proceeds to support The Healthy Moms and Babies program.

Now this is a stellar example of putting your money where your equity is!

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