Now that’s how I’d like to try my pickles!

Pickles are pickles, you may say. Well, not if one particular kind is promoted fiercely by a world-famous Britsh Explorer, “Sir Edwin Horsham,” the Claussen pickle spokes-explorer. OK, so he’s not that world-famous, and he doesn’t really exist. But the attempt to sell pickles by delegating the task to a British-sounding (or British?) actor can’t go wrong. The challenge for the “Explorer” was to help/convince the consumers to discover Claussen pickles, which are not sold with the rest of pickle crowd, but in the refrigerated deli section. How do you achieve that? Easy! Sit shoppers down into a husky-driven sled and whisk them away into the deli aisle where a trusty “Gurkha” will conduct a taste test. Apparently, it only requires one bite and you’ll be sold on Claussen.

OK. Their pickles are different and not for everyone. But the campaign is about as fresh as they claim to be. Way to go!

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