Win A Dream-Home Vacation!

Hurricane Irene Dream HomeAs the Northeast struggles to recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irene, it seems a good time to remember that, no matter how badly we may have suffered, it’s still hard for most of us to imagine how much worse things could be.

This thought struck me the other night as we sat in our no-power, candlelit dining room, enjoying some salmon fillets cooked on the grill (that had to be eaten soon, as the power could be out for many days.) Matter of fact, we’ve had a string of 5-day power outages over the last couple of years, and though it does make life difficult, I happened to rememberĀ a chart I had seen a few years ago. It shows individual yearly income by percentage of the world’s population. Though I found it hard to believe, 85% of people on this planet make less than $2,200 per year (based on 2003 statistics).

So here’s a promotion: given this statistic, it means that 85% of the people in this world would gladly, and with tremendous hope, enter a sweepstakes to win a week in my home, even without electricity or running water! Just having a roof over our heads and a safe and clean neighborhood to live in, is a blessing that I too often take for granted.

My heart goes out to anyone who lost loved ones, possessions or their homes in this recent storm. I know that my family was not only lucky in the storm, we are lucky every day of the year. Now that’s a real prize.

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