Back To School Doesn’t #!@*! anymore.

So this company called  Ace Metrix just came out with their list of top Back To School TV ads. Among all the hoards of pencils and pads (the old kind and the new kind), crayons, jeans, backpacks, sneakers and hair care products that are advertised musts each season, they got the winning ads down to just 10. And while I think spot rankings are generally things I really gravitate to, I have to give a “duh” to these sage observations, made as if they were on to something new. Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix is quoted as saying that “(The top spots) had an interesting product or an interesting new message. (duh)… (The ones who are not on top) aren’t developing creative stories particularly well.” (double duh) Is this a newsflash?

Even if not, I was still perplexed at the huge diversity of top-testing spots — from the creative simplicity of Crayola and Chex Mix, to the fun and more sophisticated, techy production value of those like Windows 7 PC spots and Best Buy’s Geek Squad. All good in their own way, but some surprising as Top 10s.

But hands down, before I even saw that this campaign made the list, I have been sooo enjoying the Staples “Rico on…” spots starring Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family. The kid is hysterical, the spots are well written and well directed. The “…on Flash Drives” spot was the one that is called out as the #5 ranked spot, but my heart is with “on Laptops!”

Way to go Staples! I know what merchandise you have for me,  I like your personality as a business so I want to buy from you… and I can’t wait to see each ad pool out as it opens on my screen. Now that’s what advertisng is all about! GWH W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award: WINNER!

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