Move Over Ice Cream Man…

LA Flower Truck“The Flower Truck is coming! Sweetie, The Flower Truck is coming. Will you, huh? Will you..” What?

OK, so vending trucks have been around for years, selling edible goodies like ice cream and lemonade. And lately these trucks seem to be making a wonderful and broadened comeback. Shows like “ The Great Food Truck Race”  are case in point. Billed as “eight of the top food trucks in the country battling for a life-changing $100,000 grand prize, ” they feature everything from Cubano sandwiches to tasty vegan dishes to gourmet grilled cheese! They are popular as heck because they meet an on-the-go, but my-food-should-be-awesome need.

Well here’s another one — A Flower Truck! Launched earlier this year, a clever entrepreneur took her dream and recycled an old ice cream truck into an upscale “roving florist,” offering beautiful cut flowers and plants, offered ‘to-go’ all around LA. I am not only thrilled to see that it’s still “truckin,” but that it continues to make a wonderful product more accessible to more people. Build it and they will come?

Kudos to her and for all of those who take a chance on their dreams… especially ones with such a warm and lovely deliverable at the end. GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award? WINNER! And she should get a bouquet of roses for that.

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