God Bless America Overboard?

We were walking in Manhattan this weekend, enjoying the city and sights, fun and weird things that can only take place in the Big Apple. Of course, this wasn’t just any weekend, it was the weekend of September 11, 2011 — 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  Yet, it somehow felt just like any other summer weekend on the Upper West Side, as if we were on a different continent, far away from the downtown remembrances.

Well, as always, my wife ran into an Italian grocery store and left me standing in front on the sidewalk. Guess what caught my eye? In the window of the store, there was this giant American flag and a sign saying “September 11. We will never forget.” This message is all too familiar to all of us. But what wasn’t, was the flag itself — stripes were made out of rows of cooked shrimp and squid, baby octopuses created the stars… It sure worked as an attention-getter:  people would stop in front of the display and pull out their iPhone cameras every few minutes, some giggling, some shaking their heads. Looking at all this, I couldn’t help being amazed that it was actually possible to create a possibly tasteless still-life out of tasty seafood!

To me, it felt that the store went slightly overboard with their attempt to jump on the patriotic bandwagon, to balance a sense of patriotism with a marketing gimmick. OR, did they use what they had control over to be a part of the prevailing sentiments?

You be the judge.

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