This Perfect Billboard Rocks…Occasionally

Heinekin BillboardBeer billboards are commonplace, right? Well, Heineken Light found a way to turn an ordinary billboard into something extraordinary!

A few weeks ago, Heineken placed a seemingly simple billboard in New York City with the copy “Occasionally Perfect” extending their campaign, which celebrates consumers and their “occasionally perfect” experiences. Point being, while every occasion is not right for Heineken Light, the beer is a perfect fit for those situations that call for something a little more unique or special.

Miraculously, this simple billboard was transformed into a live stage for a 30 minute “pop-up” concert featuring U.S. indie rock band, TV on the Radio. Followers of the band were notified via Facebook and Twitter, but the concert also drew a huge crowd from those just passing by. Word is that more surprise rock performances are planned, in NYC and other U.S. cities.

I have to tell you, this is a great example of how to innovatively mix traditional ad media space with the “pop-up” tactic. Then, layering on the social media aspect is brilliant. The whole concept is really cool. It really brings our “world” into a new dimension…and that’s very exciting!


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