Now That’s Style

This is the first time I heard about the Westfield shopping centers. (Where have I been lately, under the Prudential rock???) Apparently, these malls have grown and spread throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand and UK. But malls ordinarily don’t have a “face”. They are just silent portals for some familiar retailers and hangouts (where the younger generation grows and matures).

But wait a minute — the number 3 hottest viral video today is for a… shopping mall! A company called The Westfield. Number 3?  Right after the beloved KIA hamsters (and that’s a cool neighborhood to be in!)

Take a look at the video, please. How cool is this? Technologically cool, entertaining, engaging… and just think of all the wardrobe changes (I may try to count them just for fun.)

If you watch, please remember, you are at work and act accordingly… no dancing or humming.

Source: Ad Age

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